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SMS Consent

By submitting this form, you give your consent for the practice to contact you by text message (SMS) regarding appointment reminders, test results and practice updates. We may also send you a text to advise that you need to contact the practice.

The responsibility of attending and cancelling appointments still rests with you, as we cannot guarantee the delivery of text messages.


We use a secure system but texts are sent over a public network to a personal telephone, so they may not be secure.


You can take back your consent to receive text messages at any time. If you no longer wish to receive these reminders please notify reception in writing (by email or letter).

By submitting this form you will be sending personal/sensitive information about yourself across the Internet. Please read our privacy statement to read how we protect and manage your submitted information. We make every effort to keep this information secure, however you should be aware that we cannot guarantee privacy over the internet. If this concerns you, you should contact the practice by phone or in person.

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